The Docket:3/29/16

Dayton’s police blotter, reported verbatim

by Amanda Dee

Deaf and dumb

A call reported a domestic disturbance. An officer responded to the call, spotting a man matching the description offered by the caller. The officer asked the man his name. When he stated his name and it was the name of the suspect he was out to get, and the officer replied, “Good, I need to talk to you.” This caused the man, who might have been afraid that an officer was out to get him, to speed up, which caused the officer to shout, some might argue desperately, “I need to speak to you—stop walking away from me.” The officer then shouted the suspect’s name again, saying, “Stop or you will be tased.” That didn’t faze the suspect, who responded, “Tase me then!” and continued sprinting away. According to the report, “The Taser had the desired effect.” (And the man’s confidence in his running abilities was severely crippled.)

In the eye of the beholder

Officers arrived at a convenience store and spoke with one of the store clerks. The clerk reported that a man came into the store, “as he does on occasion.” At approximately 2 a.m., the man reached over the counter and pocketed coins. These pockets were on the man’s black hoodie, which was layered over a black T-shirt and dark-colored jeans (the “shoulder length stringy dark hair” probably didn’t help, either). The total plunder was an “unknown amount of money in change,” and the man disappeared into the night.

Love thy neighbor

Officers responded to a noise complaint at an apartment complex. Upon arrival, the officers met the three alleged noisemakers. They told the officers “the only reason a complaint was issued against them was that the neighbor downstairs was mad at them.” According to the report, “At one time [the neighbor] had been ‘cool’ with them.” Their evidence was when they lent the neighbor a CD player. But these cool relations got icy when the neighbor accused one of them of stealing $10 from her. Turns out, one of the neighbor’s ex-boyfriends had stolen the money, but the neighbor still wanted her $10 and held the CD player ransom to prove her tenacity. They also insisted the source of the noise was the four children one of them had to babysit for their sister. However, officers noticed the alleged noisemakers “took special care to close the apartment door behind them quickly and did not want police to see or be inside” (interesting). When officers spoke with the neighbor who made the call, she had a different story. According to her, the other residents were not only making excessive noise but were also banging on her door trying to pick a fight with her. Officers advised all parties “to stay away from one another.”


Officers were dispatched to a convenience store on the call of a robbery in progress. The suspect went up to the counter and asked for two cartons of Newport menthols. After the clerk retrieved said cigarettes, the suspect flashed the gun in his waistband and, this time, demanded the two cartons. Then, the suspect fled. According to the clerk, the suspect was about six feet tall wearing a tan jacket with a “red stubble beard” and acne.

No service  

A man reported his spare phone missing. He told police he kept the phone “in a black bag that he carries with him at all times.” “At all times.” The man suspects his son because “he is the only other person living in the home with him,” though he did not see him steal the phone. Officers asked him if he had asked his son if he had taken the phone (good work, team). The man reported that he sent his son a text in the morning asking about the missing phone but still hadn’t received a response (insert frown emoticon here). Although the man said his son was at work, he told officers he wished to press charges because his son had been stealing from him since he started living with him (insert angry emoticon here).

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