The Docket:6/7/16

Dayton’s police blotter, reported verbatim

By Amanda Dee

Not morning people

When a man walked outside his home, he saw the suspect on his property with his coffee cup. He asked the suspect what he was doing, and the suspect told him he was thirsty. The man didn’t like that response too much and responded, “No, you know what you’re doing.” The suspect set down the coffee cup and walked away, but the man followed him. After walking about 30 feet, the suspect pulled out a knife and held it to his side—without turning around, without saying a word. At that point, the man went back to his house and probably appreciated his cuppa Joe a little more than usual.

The land of the fools

While on the highly coveted overtime bar detail, two officers sought out a man for disorderly conduct. While one officer attempted to take the man into custody, another man tried to interfere in the name of “freedom of speech,” as officers deduced by his shouts that the man under arrest has freedom of speech. The drunk “vigilante” approached the officers until he was about five feet of them. When one of the officers advised he stop approaching them, he didn’t listen. When the officer pushed him back and again told him to get back, the man thought it was a good idea to push the officer back and then start swinging his fists at one of the officers. After refusing to listen or comply some more, officers detained him. Within a few seconds, the man told them, “OK, I give up. You got me.”

Hitting like a girl

The other morning, a student was walking through the hallways of her school, chatting on her cellphone. The school’s security administrator put his hand on her back to try and catch her attention to ask her to put away her phone. The student recoiled, and the security admin took a step back, put his hands up shoulder level and said he meant no harm. She continued walking and talking away from him. He put his hand on her back once more to try and tell her to put her phone away, to which she replied by a right hook to his jaw. Although he said it didn’t hurt that bad and didn’t need medical attention, he wanted to press charges.

The usual suspects 

A woman reported her son’s phone stolen from a park near their house. When officers arrived and spoke to her son, he informed them he set his iPhone on top of his friend’s phone because he was “playing ball with a couple friends.” The boy noticed his phone missing soon after a teenager with “black puffy hair with twists in it,” as he described, left the park. According to the report, he “immediately went home and told his mom.” They used the “Find my iPhone” app to try to, you know, find his iPhone. The officers drove to the address that was appearing on the app. When they knocked on the door, the resident answered. She was an elderly woman, who claimed she “did not know of any young males that lived around the location.”

Ain’t enough room in this town 

After experiencing a fire in his apartment building, a man had called his maintenance manager to ask what to do with the damaged property in the front of the building. Since the insurance company had yet to value the property, he told him to just leave it for now. When the man arrived at the property, two people were loading some of the property into a truck. He asked what they were doing and one member of the duo told him they were “collecting the appliances for scrap.” The man said they couldn’t do that, to which the other man said, “Yes, I can. I am a sheriff.” When the man requested proof of his authority, the other man did not answer, unless you count advancing toward him menacingly an answer.

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