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Local musicians divulge sexy secrets

By Tim Anderl

Photo: “Trying to make out with my neck while I’m playing, as funny and strange as it may be, is unwelcome.” – Christian Roerig, The Nightbeast; photo: mikecimages

Music, and the alluring nature of the people who make it, have long provided a fertile ground where steamy fantasies spring to life in vivid color and sound. From Elvis’ controversial hip shaking to D’Angelo’s bare torso, Madonna writhing in a wedding dress to George Michael’s “I Want Your Sex,” and Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction to the Warhol cover of The Rolling Stones’ Sticky Fingers LP, a music fan’s wildest dreams and desires are often just a cruise of the dial or a flip of the channel away.

Dayton offers its own salacious variety of eye and ear candy in venues around the area on an almost daily basis. In honor of this “sex issue,” Dayton City Paper asked three local performers, Ashley Pooler of blues punk duo Skurt, Christian Roerig of party rockers The Nightbeast and Cassandra Barker of revved up rockabilly powerhouse Cherry Lee and the Hot Rod Hounds about some of their sexiest secrets and steamy turn ons. This is what they told us…

Have you ever received “romantic” attention because you are in a band?

Christian Roerig: Yes. And the fatter I get, the more likely I am to believe the band is the reason.

Ashley Pooler: Yes, I have.

Cassandra Barker: I have, but unfortunately I usually have to be told by another bandmate that it’s happening. I fail at knowing the difference between being hit on and general flirty niceness. It takes spelling it out for me.

Was it welcome or awkward?

AP: It’s always both. It usually happens after a set, when I’m in a rush, at a hightened sense of emotions. So I’m welcoming, but it’s always awkward. I like it.

CR: Trying to make out with my neck while I’m playing, as funny and strange as it may be, is unwelcome.

What are your biggest turn ons?

CB: Wit, humor, a big old heart and old school looks and values.

CR: The mind.

AP: Hmm, mature, open minds, honesty.

Who is your ideal romantic partner?

AP: A person who is tough enough to stand alone, but has understanding when it comes to feelings. They are in touch with themselves and nature. They can enjoy food, comic books, music and the occasional arm-wrestling match.

CB: Someone who is excited by life, a go-getter who tries to make the best of any situation and loves to snuggle and stuff. Keeping it PG-13 for the kids.

CR: My bae. She listens to NPR and likes me.

Who is your musical celebrity crush?

CR: While some may be objectively beautiful and create wonderful music, I prefer getting to know someone. I currently crush only on my gal. And Andrew W.K., but that’s non-romantic.

AP: Mia Zapata, of The Gits. Also, Christina Billote of Slant 6, Quix*O*Tic and Autoclave.

CB: Before heavy drug use, Elvis, Ronnie Dawson and many more. If they have to be of the living, then I guess Jembo and a couple of our fantastic local musicians who shall remain nameless.

What is your idea of the perfect date?

CB: Dinner, music and cocktails whether it be home or abroad. I never understood how you get to know someone while sitting in a movie theater for two hours. That’s for down-the-road dates.

AP: Whatever we could get our hands on. Of course food and a drink are in order, right? So something fun with that, and then maybe some laser tag, or major arcading.

CR: I think a trip to the zoo or the aquarium would be nice, but a shuttle ride into space or a giant, drivable drill entering the earth’s crust come to mind as exhilarating experiences.

Describe the best date you ever had.

AP: It’s been a long time since I’ve thought about it. But probably the time I got taken to see Morrissey for a first year anniversary.

CB: My best date ever was not actually a date, but a happy accident that landed me my best friend. He was getting his car worked on and I was doing some computer work and needed a drink. This landed us at the same bar. We both stayed and hung out, played songs on the jukebox, drank, danced and talked until they closed that place down. Best date/not date.

CR: It’s hard for me to determine the difference between a date and an outing. I am typically genuinely appreciative to spend time with someone I care about, so I guess the answer is a plane ride.

Boxers, briefs, lingerie or commando for you? For them?

AP: Me? Whatever mood I’m in. My mood renders my outfit, and my outfit decides my underpants. If I’m feeling feminine, I’ll wear something “light.” Lounging, feeling handsome, it’s briefs. For them, whatever makes them comfortable. It’s all sexy.

CB: Sometimes pretty fancy pants, sometimes funny underoos, sometimes regular ole undies. For him, boxer-briefs. I don’t take it too seriously; just underpants….or nothin’.

CR: Whatever is comfortable at the time, as all different styles probably have their place. At different times I’ve probably worn them all.

What is your ideal “making whoopee” soundtrack?

CB: Totally depends on the sort of “whoopee” that is wanted…

CR: Gwar.

AP: It consists of Portishead, Cocteau Twins, Sleater-kinney, ‘Pumpkins, PUNCH and Helium.

Tim Anderl is the web editor and a contributing writer at Ghettoblaster Magazine and maintains his own music blog at Reach DCP freelance writer Tim Anderl at

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