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On Stage March 2018

Kaleigh-Brook Dillingham as Regan and Darren Lee Brown as Jeff in The Playground Theatre’s “Bachelorette”

with Dr. Jill Summerville

“The Other Place” by Sharr White
The Dayton Theatre Guild
Mar. 16 through Apr. 1, 2018

If all the world is a stage, pharmaceutical company representative Juliana Smithton frequently finds herself at its center…until she loses her place during a convention speech to a group of doctors. Smithton fears not only losing her place, but losing her place in the world. Her formerly tender husband, Ian, is now cheating on her and threatening divorce. Her estranged daughter, Laurel, taunts her attempts at reconciliation. Juliana realizes others’ treatment of her is wrong…but is she right? White explores the pain and pathos of a woman trying to accept herself for who she truly is, even if that truth keeps changing. This production runs from Friday, Mar. 16 through Monday, Apr. 1, 2018.

“A Few Good Men” by Aaron Sorkin
The Dayton Playhouse
Mar. 9 though Mar. 18, 2018

In Sorkin’s 1989 play, best known for the 1992 film version starring Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson, two young Marines are court martialed for hazing a fellow soldier. However, it’s possible this is not a murder, but a “Code Red,” an internal order from a superior to take a punitive measure. If this is the case, are the perpetrators to blame for following protocol, or is the Marine Corps to blame for issuing such a cruel order? What does it mean to be honorable, in private and in public? Sorkin doesn’t provide easy answers, but his deft pacing makes audiences question what will happen next. This production runs from Friday, Mar. 9 through Sunday, Mar. 18, 2018.

“Bachelorette” by Leslye Headland
The Playground Theatre
(performed in The Schuster Center)
Mar. 8 through Mar. 11, 2018

Bethany is a radiant bride-to-be but, as her high school frenemy, Regan, consistently reminds her, it will take a lot of white fabric to make a dress that fits her. Ten years after graduation, Bethany is the first in her group of friends to get married. Regan is determined that, though the wedding will be Bethany’s day, the bachelorette party won’t. Against Bethany’s wishes, she invites two other high school friends, Katie, and Gena. The three women, who would rather do drugs in the bride’s hotel room than invite her to the party, relish reclaiming their high school roles as Cool Kids. When Regan tears Bethany’s wedding dress and invites two handsome men, Jeff and Joe, over for a hotel hook-up, the darkly humorous consequences last far longer than the women’s hangovers. Company founders Jenna Burnette and Chris Hahn say, “If you dig Mean Girls, Sex and the City, and The Hangover, you will love Bachelorette.” The play is part of Headland’s Seven Deadly Sins cycle, and the production will run from Thursday, Mar. 8 through Sunday, Mar. 11, 2018, at the Mathile Theatre in the Schuster Center.

“The Mystery of Edwin Drood” by Rupert Holmes
(music, lyrics, and book)
Wright State University
Mar. 15 through 18, Mar. 28 through Apr. 1, and Apr. 5 through 8, 2018

Based on Charles Dickens’ unfinished 1870 novel, Holmes’ 1985 interactive mystery starts with a certainty: the charming, dapper, dandy, Edwin Drood, has been murdered…but by whom? Dastardly John Jasper, Drood’s romantic rival, has a clear motive, but Neville and Helena Landless, newly arrived from Ceylon, have murky origins that make them equally suspicious. The aptly named Princess Puffer is surrounded by vice in the form of an opium cloud, but Drood’s chaste love, Rose Bud, may not be as innocent as some suppose. This musical is a cross between a game of Clue and a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book. The fates of these characters (and countless others in an ensemble cast) are for the audience to decide. This production runs on Thursday, Mar. 15 through Sunday, Mar. 18; Thursday, Mar. 29 through Sunday, Apr. 1; and Thursday, Apr. 5 through Sunday, Apr. 8, 2018 in the Festival Playhouse.

Dayton Contemporary Dance Company and University of Dayton
Mar. 23 through Mar. 24, 2018

An annual tradition, this collaboration between The Dayton Contemporary Dance Company and the Theatre, Dance, and Performance Technology students utilizes dance and technology to showcase both our fascination with visual media and our wonder at the physical prowess of the rigorously trained human body. This improvised work runs for two nights, Friday, Mar. 23 and Saturday, Mar. 24, 2018 in the Boll Theatre.

“Stuart Little” by Joseph Robinette
(based on the book by E.B. White),
Beavercreek Community Theatre
Mar. 2 through Mar. 11, 2018

Stuart Little is a perfectly ordinary, active boy in a perfectly ordinary, loving family…who happens to be a mouse. Though his parents adore him, he is terrorized by the family cat, Snowbell. Stuart is as brave as he is classy, and he defends Margalo, the bird his parents adopt, from Snowbell as well. When Margalo leaves because she is frightened Snowbell will eat her, Stuart vows to cross the country and save his friend. This play, which is appropriate for all audiences, runs from Mar. 2 through Mar. 11, 2018.

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