Havok metals their way back to Rockstar

Havok’s (L-R) Pete Webber, Nick Schendzielos, David Sanchez, and Reece Scruggs

By Allyson B. Crawford

The third time will be the charm for Colorado based thrash metallers Havok. The quartet will play Dayton’s Rockstar Pro Arena (1106 E. Third St., Dayton) on Thursday, February 1. The stop marks the third time Havok has thrashed the Gem City.

The band is part of the KillThrax II Tour, supporting Killswitch Engage and Anthrax.

As a modern thrash band, the guys in Havok are excited to tour with a “Big Four” legend in Anthrax. They have also toured with Megadeth. “We’re able to tick two off the Big Four list!” Havok singer and guitarist David Sanchez tells the Dayton City Paper proudly.

The Dayton date at Rockstar is one of the band’s own headlining shows and not part of KillThrax II. Direct support will be provided by War Curse, Well of Night and Suffer These Wounds.

Sanchez says his band landed the KillThrax II tour because of good tunes and a little bit of luck. The band created that luck with an old school metal work ethic of constant touring and writing. Havok members tend to focus on one task at hand. One year they will write and record, the next they will tour. Thanks to KillThrax II, 2018 will be a year to focus on touring. Lots of bands of every genre shy away from winter tours, for obvious reasons. For Sanchez, this presents a business opportunity.

“Winter is cool, [since] a lot of people aren’t touring during this time. In that regard, it’s nice, because there are not a lot of other tours creating competition. It is a little bit brutal to load in and load out. It’s freezing and the roads are bad. So it’s a trade.”

Havok are still supporting the 2017 release of Conformicide, their fourth album. Conformicide features the influences you would expect, like death metal and classic rock, but also funk, jazz and classical. These influences make for a well rounded release and a more interesting live show for the listener.  For those who saw Havok roll through Dayton in 2016, Sanchez encourages you to come out and experience the show again.

“We’re gonna be playing some songs we’ve never played live on tour before, and we’ll be busting out stuff we haven’t played live in many years. We’ll be excited to play new stuff and fans will enjoy hearing things different. We won’t be debuting new songs post Conformicide. Nothing that new is ready to go yet.”

Havok are also booking summer festivals in Europe and actively looking toward the future. Since Sanchez started Havok when he was only 15, the band has been just about his entire life. He’s keen to keep moving forward, both with music and the business side of being in a metal band.

“I think things get better because we get more fans and do better financially every year. I think if that trend keeps happening we’ll be just fine,” he adds, humbly.

That attitude has taken Havok all around the world already, but the world is big and life is long.

“I’d love to tour Africa,” explains Sanchez. “There are a handful of countries I’d love to visit. Like South Africa, Kenya, Egypt, and Morocco.”

When he’s not booking tours or writing music, Sanchez likes to read books on various subjects.

“I think reading interesting books makes me a better songwriter and makes me seem less stupid and slightly more interesting. I like reading books and learning things.”

One of the books Sanchez is reading right now is “The Philosophy of Epictetus.” “It’s full of wisdom and good stuff,” he says. Epictetus was a Greek philosopher who was born around 55 A.D. Epictetus believed that philosophy was a way of life and we should accept whatever happened to us, but that we were also in control of our own actions. It makes sense that Sanchez would take to such teachings. He often writes “Think: It’s Not Illegal Yet” on his social media platforms.

If you’d like to learn more about Havok and its brand of thrash metal, tickets for the show at Rockstar are available at http://theticketrumba.com/tickets/6734. Tickets start at $15. This is a show for all ages, and doors open at 7 p.m. For more information, visit havokband.com or rockstarproarena.com.

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