Two artists return to Free Comic Book Day at Super-Fly

By Josher Lumpkin

Photo: ‘Kingfisher’ by Travis Lewis, who makes an appearance May 6 at Super-Fly Comics

For geeks, Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) is like Christmas morning. We have trouble going to sleep the night before, with visions of Spider-Man dancing in our heads. We get out of bed early, eager to wait in line at all of our favorite shops, hoping we will be able to procure the comics we covet the most.

In the village of Yellow Springs, Super-Fly Comics and Games hosts the big FCBD party. In addition to a performance by nerd-core rapper Juice Lee, two fantastic and talented artists will also make an appearance.

Travis Lewis, a 47-year-old Yellow Springs native and artist, creates artwork that draws from the themes of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror.

Adam Hicks, who lives in southern Indiana, creates wonderfully whimsical interpretations of comic and pop culture characters that will warm the coldest geek heart.

Both Lewis and Hicks began making art as children, drawing the cartoon characters they grew up with.

“I started drawing a lot in third or fourth grade,” says the 36-year-old Hicks. “I was raised on a steady diet of ’80s cartoons and Disney animation, and I can remember copying pictures out of coloring and story books even prior to that. I remember drawing a random picture of Bart Simpson for a classmate, and suddenly everyone was coming to me to draw them pictures.”

It was a well-loved ’90s animated series based on a popular Marvel Comics franchise that ultimately drew him in.

“Around eighth grade, a little cartoon named X-Men was getting ready to air, and in preparation, I bought my first comic book at the local grocery store, and it opened my mind to the world of sequential art. After that, I haven’t looked back! I took as many art classes as I could in middle school and in high school and continued to read comics and watch animated shows and films in all forms and styles.”

Lewis recalls a similar experience: “Some of my earliest memories involve sitting in front of the TV on Sunday night watching The Wonderful World of Disney and drawing—or trying to draw—Mickey Mouse.”

On Saturday, the two artists will display their work at Super-Fly and create a few new projects on-site.

“On FCBD, I’ll be doing free sketches for kids 16 and under,” Hicks says. “I’ll be taking commissions and have original artwork and art prints for sale. I’ll also be giving out handshakes, high fives, fist bumps, nerdy conversations, and art advice for free.”

Lewis, who also plans to sell prints and give advice, says, “I’ll probably also be working on something and will answer questions people have about the business or art in general.”

Excitement for FCBD is in the air, not just for the readers who can’t wait to get their mitts on a few free books, but also for the artists who make their living drawing and painting.

“I love FCBD!” Hicks enthuses. “It’s a fantastic way to bring in people who wouldn’t normally come into a comic shop. After all, who doesn’t love free stuff? I really love seeing families come into the store and spend time together, choosing the comics and enjoying the experience of the day. When I see a parent or older sibling sharing their love of the medium with a child or younger sibling, it truly makes the day worthwhile, in my eyes.”

For Hicks, FCBD is also an opportunity to share his expertise and savvy with people who might want to get into art.

“I cherish being able to talk to the customers about the art and process of drawing and share my knowledge with kids and adults alike,” Hicks says.

Both artists are fond of Super-Fly, which has served comic book lovers in Yellow Springs since 2007.

“I attended my first FCBD at Super-Fly as a guest about four years ago and look forward to coming back every year,” Hicks says. “The past few years, I’ve had a couple local shops in the Louisville area request I come to their FCBD events, but each year I politely decline, because I can’t imagine not spending FCBD with Tony and Jared at Super-Fly Comics.”

Hicks also wants to remind readers that local shops foot the bill for the comics we get for free on FCBD.

“A lot of people don’t know that the shops have to pay for each issue they get,” Hicks says. “So all the money, time, and effort that they put into making the day an event is truly amazing, and they have my eternal respect for making each FCBD an experience that people look forward to year in and year out.”


Free Comic Book Day will be held Thursday, May 6 at Super-Fly Comics and Games, 132 Dayton St. in Yellow Springs. For more information, please call Super-Fly at 937.767.1445 or visit For more information on Adam Hicks, please visit For more information on Travis Lewis, please visit


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Josher Lumpkin
Josher Lumpkin is a nursing student and aspiring historian who enjoys writing about music and geekdom of all kinds. He is especially fond of punk rock, tabletop gaming, sci-fi/fantasy and camping with his wife, Jenner, and their dogs, Katie and Sophie. Reach him at

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