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Auburndale CD Release Show at Blind Bob’s

By Keith Bange


Recording an album marks a very monumental and pivotal point in the career of a band. Long months of arranging ideas and letting creativity percolate in order to put an album together that showcases your talent, ingenuity, and potential as musicians is no simple task. For many bands, the recording of an album is a very drawn out, complicated task, with many set backs and odd issues, and for others, things fall smoothly into place with the right amount of planning and diligence. Case in point: Auburndale, of Dayton, Ohio. After seven rigorous months of tireless work and effort, on November 13th, at Blind Bob’s, they will be releasing their sophomore effort titled Alive in a Dying City. To mark the occasion, Auburndale has arranged an incredibly dynamic lineup including Kuan, 8bit Revival, and Good Sir Con Artist, making this show one not to be missed.

Though the recording of Alive in a Dying City took place over seven months, members of Auburndale had been conceptualizing and writing the album for well over a year. Guitarist Alex Todd elaborates, “By the time we decided to produce the record we had written about twenty songs, and at that point it was just a matter of narrowing down that list to the twelve that we decided we really wanted to be on the album.”  After this, it was a matter of getting into the studio, and putting everything to tape. The band decided to produce and engineer the record themselves, so that they could maintain and conceptualize the album as they saw it, without any outside influence. Entirely recorded in Dayton, the process began with tracking the drums at Refraze Studio, in December of 2009, followed by the diligent tracking of the vocals, and all other instrumentation at vocalist Brian Whitten’s Centre City Recording Studio, from January to May 2010. It was then off to Cleveland, OH, to mix the album down in analog at Ante Up Audio in June, and finally put the beast to bed. Speaking on the completion of the album and its subsequent release, engineer and vocalist Brian Whitten shares “It’s been a long process, and Saturday marks the completion of it all. We’re just really excited for everyone to finally hear an album that we put so much time, effort, and love into.” Of the bands playing the album release, one band plays a very unique part in the show. While in the studio, Auburndale was joined by members of Kuan to provide backing vocals and add a touch of spice to the record. Kuan guitarist, Charles Heck, remarks “It was great to join those guys in the studio; they knew exactly what they needed from us, and it didn’t take long for them to get it.  We were really excited to be a part of it.”

Saturday promises to be quite the event, with members of all of the bands excited to have been asked to support Auburndale on the eve of their album release. The line up, featuring talent from Dayton bands who have been on the scene for years, promises to deliver an evening of such force and magnitude, that it would put a jolt of lightning to shame. Alan Baker of 8bit Revival states “It’s going to be a good show, the line up is pretty great, and we’re excited to be doing the thing with them to support their release.”  If you can’t make it out to the show, the album is available on iTunes for $9.99; however it will be available at the event for a meager $5, and as always, there’s no better way to get the music than to buy it directly from the musicians that produced it. The event commences at nine o’clock sharp, with an admission price of $5 and music starting around ten. This event is an opportunity to experience the culmination of many hard months at work for a group of musicians, who are not only trying to define their sound and solidify their place in the Dayton music scene, but who are also commenting on a city that can take away just as much, if not more, than it can give.

Auburndale with Kuan, 8bit Revival, and Good Sir Con Artist will perform Saturday, November 13 at Blind Bob’s, 430 E. Fifth St.  Music begins at 10 p.m.  Cover charge is $5.  For additional information, call (937) 938-6405 or visit online at BlindBobs.com.

Reach DCP freelance writer Keith Bange at contactus@daytoncitypaper.com

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