Time to get wild, again!

Nightbeast rocks the home crowd at Blind Bob’s

 By Zach Rogers
 Photo: Nightbeast brings the party to Blind Bob’s on Saturday, March 2; photo credit: Jessica Uttinger

Lurking somewhere deep in the shadows is a mysterious being, a musical entity so powerful it could literally melt your face off. It has the ability to lift you up and throw you back down on the dance floor, and if it looks like you’re not having any fun then it’ll just get angry. Pretty soon it’ll be throwing everything it’s got at you until your feet tell your brain to fuck off and suddenly you’re moving about frantically with your shirt off because, well, everyone else is doing it, too. What is this you ask? In the dirty streets of Dayton, it only goes by one name: Nightbeast.

A staple in Dayton since the early 2000s, the music of Nightbeast is one part full-volume party rock, one part goofball rap and one part insanity just for good measure. Their live shows have been building a wild reputation over the last year or so, and for good reason. With the addition of a live crew of cohorts to help amp things up, Nightbeast has gone from a silly, half-joking one-man operation to a complete six-piece lineup of like-minded individuals who each have a defining role in what makes Nightbeast the machine it is. In addition to the mastermind genius of Nightbeast creator/vocalist Nick Testa, the band now includes guitarists Sean Patton and Robbie Bauer, bassist John Lakes, drummer Jordan Elam and vocalist Ryan “Asher” Jones. With their help, the two worlds of Nightbeast – the studio and the live act – have morphed into one mega-beast, and Testa couldn’t be happier.

“Over time, Nightbeast has evolved into a group of people that I have a lot of fun playing music with and who share the same passion for the band as I do,” said Testa. “Everyone pulls their weight and that’s what I love most about Nightbeast right now.”

Right now appears to be one of the most promising times for the band. After what feels like a nonstop barrage of high-energy shows, Nightbeast will once again be appearing on their home turf of Blind Bob’s on Saturday, March 2 before finally taking a break from playing live come April. So if for some strange and utterly bizarre reason you haven’t seen them live yet, what the hell are you waiting for?!?!

But why take a break from playing shows when it seems like they’ve never been better? Well, trust me folks, it’s for a very good reason. Now that Nightbeast is a secure, unified group, the band is planning on recording a new album, one that will be Nightbeast’s first group effort rather than Testa working alone. “Recording can be incredibly frustrating and painful,” Testa explained, “but I think with the full band behind me to help craft these new songs from the bottom up and having everyone work together will make it way easier and a lot more fun.”

Testa plans to release a few singles first, but says eventually there will be a whole album’s worth of new material for fans to ingest. “I really can’t wait for people to hear the stuff we have in store for them,” said Testa. So have no fears. 2013 is going to be a big year for Nightbeast.

In addition to the planned release of new material, Nightbeast will also be busy doing something else they’ve grown rather fond of over the years: making music videos. The group currently has two videos up on their official website, both off their last EP You’re Welcome, released in 2011. The videos are for the songs “Get Wild” and “Full Ride,” and Testa plans to have more videos for the new material once it’s all been recorded. “The two that are out now were so much fun to make, especially the video for our song ‘Get Wild.’ Making that video was absolute magic. It was total controlled chaos and everybody that came out for the shoot had a blast, including us. I think that video shoot was kind of the beginning for how crazy our live shows have become.”

Those live shows have been a key aspect in what’s made Nightbeast such a strong force in the Dayton region and Testa himself won’t even deny their power. “One thing I wish we could do is be able to capture the intensity and craziness of our recent live shows on record, because as a band, we really feed off of the crowd’s energy, especially in Dayton.”

Over time, Nightbeast has formed a bond with their hometown that’s unlike any other and Testa loves the fans in Dayton just as much, if not more, than they love him. “Dayton is seriously unlike anywhere else I’ve ever been. It’s so intense and crazy, and the shows here just blow every other show out of the water. Dayton shows are just on a totally different level, and I love it.”

Nightbeast will perform live on Saturday, Mar. 2 at Blind Bob’s, 430 E. Fifth St. Also on the bill are Adventure, The Composure and 500 Miles to Memphis. Admission is $5 and doors open at 9 p.m. For more information, visit thenightbeast.com. 

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