Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun a rising star

Future for Atlanta-based rockers looks bright

By Benjamin Dale

Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun will perform at Blind Bob's on Friday, September 16.

Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun will perform at Blind Bob's on Friday, September 16.

Today The Moon, Tomorrow The Sun, the indie-electro rockers from Atlanta, are set to take the stage with Dayton’s Oh Condor and Grey Leaves, along with Belle Historie from Cincinnati at Blind Bob’s Friday, September 16. DCP got the chance to chat with Micah Silverman, Today The Moon’s bassist about the upcoming tour stop, and what it’s like being on the road, full-time, in an up-and-coming band.

Is this the first time you’ve played in Dayton?
We came through a few months ago and it was surprisingly awesome. It was our favorite show of that tour. It was a really strange night. There was this massive storm that came through, so it was dark and stormy, and it wasn’t a super well-attended show, but the people at Blind Bob’s made it awesome. [Micah Silverman]

So, you guys are a full-time touring band. How do you do it?
We try to stay on the road 15 to 20 days a month. It was a conscious decision we all made about two years ago. We all had careers and mortgages. We knew if we didn’t do this and say we did it, then we were going to regret it in the future. So we all quit our jobs, and hit the road full-time. Financially it sucks, but in every other way, it’s completely fulfilling. [M.S.]

How do you manage such a rock star lifestyle?
The way we plan our tours, we’ll do maybe nine days on, four or five days off. Which gives us a time to kind of do some part-time work as well. [M.S.]

What if someone gets sick?
Last year, we were introduced to the Neti Pot, I had never heard of them but God they’re amazing. We are a rolling pharmacy with meds for any situation. Not to be confused with a rolling meth lab, though we have been pulled over by a cop on that suspicion. We have a 1992 Dodge conversion van, so if I were a cop I’d pull us over too. [M.S.]

Where do you sleep?
Fifty percent of the time we sleep in a Walmart parking lot, where they have restrooms and what not, or at friends’ houses, if we have friends in that town. [M.S.]

What have you learned from your traveling experiences?
We’ve definitely been through a lot of “live and learn” situations. We’ve made a lot of mistakes. The last one, our van had kind of been acting up a little bit, but nobody thought to bring it in to the shop because it was still starting. But then we ended up getting stranded in N.C. because of our own laziness.
Also, if you drink too much before or after the show, it’s not going to be a good thing. At first it’s like drink, drink, drink. We like to party, but we keep ourselves in check now.
You also learn the good places to play and which places not to play. And which routes to take. We’ve kind of learned to book so that we’re not driving 10 hours in any one day, because that’s stressful. [M.S.]

What was the point when you thought it might be possible to quit your jobs?
I think the moment was when we had started to build a little bit of a crowd in Atlanta, and people were starting to respond to our music. It just started slowly evolving into something bigger and bigger. Soon we’d starting going a few hours away and getting a good response.  We were all kind of tired of dreaming about it, so we all sat down, had a serious conversation about it, and decided to do it and not look back. [M.S.]

What’s the next step?
We’re at a turning point right now, because financially it had gotten tough for us. We’re trying to figure how to advance ourselves show-wise. We’re kind of at the point where we’re probably going to sign with a label. It’s a really big thing, now to have support, so it’s given us a new life.
They came to us through a band that we play with a lot; they’re on this label, and the label’s been following what we’ve done and approached us a few weeks ago about a contract. [M.S.]

Well that’s fucking awesome. Do you think you’ll ever retire?
As long as we’re all having fun, we’ll keep doing it. [M.S.]

Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun will perform with Dayton’s Oh Condor and Grey Leaves, along with Belle Historie from Cincinnati at Blind Bob’s on Friday, September 16. For more information, visit or

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