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No fools for this city


There was a time when blues-based rock, and the bands that played it, ruled the American music landscape. Every semi-major city and town had a record store and guitar shop. Music acts like Bad Company, Free, The Who and ZZ Top blazed a path of scorched earth from one arena to the next. And in […]

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Modbilly Comes to Franklin


For a self-proclaimed “accidental” actor, Billy Bob Thornton is enjoying the fruits of small and large screen success. As a kid, he wanted to be a musician. In his younger days, Thornton spent time working as a roadie and assisted acts like the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and Johnny Paycheck. The jobs let him be […]

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New alternative rock beats on old stomping grounds


There is a first time for everything. This time it’s the first year for a psychedelic new wave of alternative rock, punk, and indie rock, rolling through virgin bucolic farmland with all the excitement and anticipation of a blank canvas. The Bellwether Music Festival debuts on the same grounds occupied by the Ohio Renaissance Festival […]

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Gratitude is the attitude


Fans who get tickets to see JJ Grey & Mofro August 10 at Rose Music Center at the Heights are likely to see a version of the band that’s a bit less unpredictable with their show than in years past. Where earlier outings generally found Grey mixing up the set list from show to show, […]

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A Cincinnati band’s positive message


There’s more than enough negativity in the world today, in my opinion. Turn on the nightly news, check in with your preferred social media platform, or pick up the latest issue of your favorite magazine—does anyone still do that?—and you’re likely to find mayhem, chaos, anger, and sorrow galore, right at your fingertips. What has […]

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Just a Rock and Roll Band

web_2-Collective Soul - Joseph Guay

When Collective Soul and 3 Doors Down were booked to co-headline a tour this summer, it brought together two bands that Collective Soul singer/guitarist Ed Roland feels have plenty in common—including an elusive quality that gets to the core of the music the two bands make. “You know, they’re Southern boys, like us. We have […]

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Sixties hit-makers are Happy Together


In 1959, Dick Clark launched his “Caravan of Stars” tour in which a variety of singing stars of the day would travel from city to city by bus, doing sold-out shows for the bobby soxers and teenyboppers. Soon after, dozens of imitators launched “package tours” of various combinations playing ballrooms, theatres, county fairs, and so […]

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Channeling the best of the ’60s


Picture a tidy house in a suburban neighborhood, on the surface one that fits in with all the neighbors. Adults. Homeowners. Parents. Employees. Salvadore Ross is made of these. “In 2016 we were struggling to find an appropriate fit for a bass player,” says guitarist Kyle Byrum. “Scheduling or talent was always the problem.” Drummer […]

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Nothing but a good time


Bret Michaels is everywhere these days. He’s the face of Life Rocks, a foundation that raises money for diabetes (Bret was diagnosed as a child). He had a product line with PetSmart called Pets Rock. He’s done reality TV (and won Celebrity Apprentice). He hocks candles on his website. He does guest spots on TV […]

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The Cult, Stone Temple Pilots, and Bush at Rose

CULT 2016 Tim Cadiente-2

“Rock and roll never forgets,” the classic rock song goes, and Billy Duffy, guitarist and founding member of the British rock band The Cult, definitely remembers the whole thing. And with his band’s current “Revolution 3” summer package tour selling tickets in 21 cities all across the country, Duffy is obviously excited about going out […]

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The 22-year strong original lineup


O.A.R. has reached its 22nd year as a band doing something many acts that manage to last two decades don’t achieve. This group from Rockville, Maryland, has reached this milestone without a single change in its band lineup. “What some people might not know is that a few of us had actually been playing together […]

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Jesse James rides back to Dayton


Jesse James, the wild west outlaw, turned outlaw in part because a gang of Pinkerton private detectives threw torches into his mom’s house thinking the infamous James brothers were inside. They weren’t, but immediate explosions killed their younger half-brother and blew their mom’s arm off. That’s the sort of thing that tends to activate a […]

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Whisky. Rock. Repeat.

Erica Blinn 31 West-Chris Stohre​

“Female fronted is not a genre” reads a slogan reposted on Erica Blinn’s Instagram page, referring to a complaint often heard from female musicians who get grouped together on that basis alone, rather than the content of their music. But it is hard to put Erica Blinn into a genre. California classic rock is there […]

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Roger Daltrey: the original Tommy himself

Bst Summer festival - Hyde Park London, 26 Juin.2015

Photo: Fabrice DEMESSENCE.

Roger Daltrey has nothing left to prove. He’s a bona fide living legend: lead singer and founder of The Who, a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee and Kennedy Center Honors recipient, among many other awards and accolades. Perhaps most impressive is that with The Who he’s sold over 100 million records and counting. […]

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Rockin’ all 50 states

2-Zak Shaffer_inside posed with guitar (CREDIT Daniel Miller)

The well traveled, Toledo-born and Nashville-based musician Zak Shaffer is set to perform at the Dublin Pub on June 29 as part of his ongoing “Fifty States Tour.” Shaffer is armed with an acoustic guitar and a malleable voice that can effortlessly slide between a rocking yet soulful growl to a smooth country croon and […]

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Acid Flashback: Hara Arena 1981


Love them or hate them, the Grateful Dead were truly a one-of-a-kind band. During their thirty-year career as one of America’s most beloved musical acts, the band performed over 2,300 concerts, eschewing set lists, going down the golden road, and mesmerizing generations of devoted fans along the way. Although Jerry Garcia’s untimely death in August […]

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Ready, Set, LEGO!


Be prepared for LEGO dazzle and delight when the BrickUniverse Convention for LEGO Fans visits the Dayton Convention Center August […]

We all live in a ‘Yellow Submarine’


Coinciding with the 50th anniversary and theatrical re-release of Yellow Submarine, animator Ron Campbell is bringing his Rock Art Show […]

Four headliners and more this week at Downtown’s Levitt

web_0816_Delhi 2 Dublin Photo 2017

Delhi 2 Dublin, Kyle Dillingham, Sol Driven Train, Lao Tizer Band Delhi 2 Dublin (l-r): Serena Eades, Sanjay Seran, Ravi […]

The Oregon’s Seafood Stalwart


Carving out history Jay’s Seafood Restaurant is a longtime pillar of the Oregon District dining scene. It’s steeped in lore […]

Destination Yellow Springs


Yellow Springs artist exhibited (times two) Yellow Springs painter Christine Klinger is showing her work at the Emporium/Underdog Café through […]