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On Your Marc 8/14: Meyer in the mire

I am not at all concerned about Ohio State football. Who’s going to go there and lose, especially if you slide the one-year interim reign of Luke Fickell out of the equation? Woody Hayes won .761 percent of his games. Earle Bruce stood at .755. John Cooper was at .715. Jim Tressel was at .810 […]

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Debate 8/14: Instant guns cause a stir


Q: Should the sharing of 3D printed gun technology be illegal? The latest round of debates between the gun rights vs. gun control crowds has taken on a decidedly technological direction. The new battleground is over the legality, as well as other public policy questions, surrounding the use of a 3D printer to create functioning […]

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Conspiracy Theorist 8/14: Hot, humid, and dishonest

The global warming frauds finally got what they wanted: a hot spell over most of the northern hemisphere. To listen to them, you would think this has never happened in history, but of course it has. The Earth was warmer during the Medieval Warm Period and when Jesus Christ walked the Earth. It was warmer […]

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On Your Marc 8/7: Off the beaten path

Thank you Fort Wayne TinCaps and San Diego Padres. The TinCaps, under the direction of the parent Padres, have traveled a scenic route outside the box. I could not offer heartier congratulations. This all goes back to the stories I’ve heard and written about Woody Hayes taking his Ohio State football teams to road games […]

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Conspiracy Theorist 8/7: Done with Musk

Elon Musk has surpassed P.T. Barnum as the world’s most famous barker. Part showman, part clown, and all snake oil salesman, there is nothing he won’t exploit to make himself richer. He is the poster boy for how to become a billionaire while his companies lose billions, much of it paid for by taxpayers.

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Commentary 8/7: Nude Dancing and the First Amendment


Q: Should exotic dancers be subject to arrest for touching patrons? The protections afforded by the First Amendment have been invoked for all kinds of causes and by all types and shapes of individuals. The list of individuals who have claimed the shield of freedom afforded by the First Amendment is long and distinguished. There […]

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Debate 7/31: Non-citizen?

web_Ackley DCP 7-27-2018

San Francisco has become the first city in California to allow illegal aliens to vote and in doing so raises an important question: to whom should the right to vote extend? Although San Francisco recently began taking registrations from undocumented aliens, to qualify the alien has to have a school-aged child living with them. This […]

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On your Marc 7/31: Well Dunn

I’m not sure if the Dayton Dragons will ever begin a Hall of Fame, but if they do, Adam Dunn certainly has to be in it. In fact, he should be inducted in the first class, paired with Austin Kearns. This came to mind recently, when Dunn was enshrined in the Cincinnati Reds Hall of […]

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Conspiracy 7/31: Peace won’t be tolerated

I thought Democrats were the party of peace and Republicans were warmongers. That’s what the media has been telling us all my life. Forget about Democrat Presidents Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama starting wars. Forget that stuff about Republican Presidents Dwight Eisenhower and Gerald Ford ending wars.

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Debate 7/24: Who’s life is it anyway?


Bad parenting decisions aren’t new. Some bad parental decisions can last a child’s lifetime (like Michael Jackson’s kid Blanket or Frank Zappa’s daughter Moon Unit). In fact, other countries know better and actually forbid scores of names (sorry Donald, but you wouldn’t have been permitted to name your son Baron if you lived in New […]

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On Your Marc 7/24: No excuses for this life

Tom Montgomery says the last time he addressed a coaching clinic, in Canton, Ohio, he started off by saying he was going to tell the assembled how to coach black athletes. The room got very quiet, he remembered, and everyone had their pens and pencils poised over notebooks. “They’re the same (as white players),” Montgomery […]

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Conspiracy Theorist 7/24: Portraying lies as facts

A recent ABC News story about special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation regurgitated one of today’s prevailing narratives. “Mueller’s team appears increasingly focused on whether any associates of Trump knew that the Russian government had hacked emails from the DNC [Democratic National Committee] and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta and provided them to […]

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Debate 7/17: Flag on the Play


Q: Should persons with certain known behavioral tendencies such as suicide or violence be prohibited from owning guns? Legislatures across the country are taking up the difficult question of when the state can remove weapons from an individual who, having legally obtained a gun, begins to display behavior or rhetoric threatening to society. It is […]

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Conspiracy Theorist 7/17: Hooray for Domino’s

Year after year, the same roads are torn up and road crews patch them. But they never really repair them. They put temporary patches on the roads because road repair is about creating socialist jobs and buying votes, not really repairing roads. This is the modern version of paying people to dig ditches then fill […]

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On Your Marc 7/17: Good any day

First, a funny story. Larry Lee, the big tackle from Roth High School, for a number of reasons decided he was going to UCLA for college and football. Woody Hayes, the Ohio State coach, was unhappy with that decision, calling Lee just prior to signing day trying to convince him to go to Ohio State. […]

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Debate 7/10: You’ve got mail…for now!


Who in their wildest dreams thought Donald Trump could be a consensus builder? Certainly not me. Donald has done something truly remarkable. He has united Democrats and Republicans in Congress in a stand against his inane proposal to privatize the United States Postal Service (USPS). And, in another astonishing accomplishment not frequently seen in Washington, […]

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Ready, Set, LEGO!


Be prepared for LEGO dazzle and delight when the BrickUniverse Convention for LEGO Fans visits the Dayton Convention Center August […]

We all live in a ‘Yellow Submarine’


Coinciding with the 50th anniversary and theatrical re-release of Yellow Submarine, animator Ron Campbell is bringing his Rock Art Show […]

Four headliners and more this week at Downtown’s Levitt

web_0816_Delhi 2 Dublin Photo 2017

Delhi 2 Dublin, Kyle Dillingham, Sol Driven Train, Lao Tizer Band Delhi 2 Dublin (l-r): Serena Eades, Sanjay Seran, Ravi […]

The Oregon’s Seafood Stalwart


Carving out history Jay’s Seafood Restaurant is a longtime pillar of the Oregon District dining scene. It’s steeped in lore […]

Destination Yellow Springs


Yellow Springs artist exhibited (times two) Yellow Springs painter Christine Klinger is showing her work at the Emporium/Underdog Café through […]