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CNTRL: Beyond EDM invades Masque

By Wu W.A.N.G.

The Dayton party scene will be on par with the larger metropolitan areas of New York, Quebec or Toronto on Thursday, Nov. 15 as CNTRL: BEYOND EDM makes a tour stop at Club Masque. Prime Social Group, based in Columbus, and Disco Donnie are producing this Midwest leg of CNTRL’s North American tour. Along with the party, a lecture at University of Dayton called CNTRL: The Curriculum will be hosted by Dubspot and will showcase the roots of electronic music. Richie Hawtin, Kevin Saunderson, Gaiser and DJ TechTools and founder Ean Golden will be the DJs for this stop in Dayton. The first two names both cast large shadows over Detroit’s and the Midwest’s techno scene. Anyone who attended any of the DEMF/Movement events during Memorial Day weekends in Detroit since 2000 will already know what to expect from these top-shelf artists performing on Dayton’s best sound system. Headlining this show is Richie Hawtin, who has been serving up amazing minimal techno sets and anchoring electronic music events for years. I spoke with Hawtin before he left Berlin for the United States to begin the three-week, seventeen-stop tour.

When the CNTRL tour schedule listed Dayton as a stop, what went through your mind?

I was glad when Dayton was finally confirmed. To be honest, it was amazing times remembered, because some of my early gigs were in Dayton in the early ‘90s. –Richie Hawtin

How did playing Midwest raves shape your career?

Personally, the whole Midwest was a big breeding ground. All the best DJs were playing underground events and the connections just grew out of that. It was inspiring for me. Before I started traveling, I would leave Windsor, Canada, every Friday and Saturday night to play in the United States. If I wasn’t playing in Detroit, then I would drive four, five or six hours to Dayton, Cincinnati and Louisville to play. From that experience I met a lot of cool people and that was the beginnings of my DJ career as well. –RH

Has the techno audience become more intellectual?

The audience is not more intellectual than in years past, but the scene has grown since the early days with the variety of people involved now. The scene sits on many different levels. So you have the pure passion experiences when you are in a club, the music just grabs you – you don’t think and are taken away by the music. Now is the time to talk about why there is so much history, the opportunity is here to discuss where techno is headed. -RH

Is there a link between poverty and technology?

I do, technology has allowed or “democratized” the ability for people to be creative over the last twenty years. Technology in general has given people the chance to do things that were perhaps out of their reach. Technology is helping people to stay in touch, communicate and progress. For example, in South Africa it’s not about cell phones or computers -it’s more about cell phones and micro payments. It allows people and societies now to develop faster, to reach out beyond their physical means. That’s important because they can’t be ignored as technology gives people a voice. –RH

How would you describe your minimal sound?

Balance really, finding the right records, the right components to create power and intensity and groove without being too overbearing. –RH

Who is your favorite DJ?

Jeff Mills. He’s always on a technical level and will always be the Wizard. -RH

Who do you love to watch perform?

Sven Vath, he’s one of the best entertainers in the techno universe. -RH

How has techno evolved from your perspective?

It has always been a music for the future and of the future. Mainly because of the tight connection to the technology that allows us to create it. –RH

How would you describe Detroit’s DEMF/Movement events?

That festival brought a million people to Detroit the first year and that was powerful. Paxahau has turned Movement into a world-class festival. That first Movement was the best. It was 10 years at that point, promoting and traveling the world playing electronic music, so coming back and playing in Detroit was unbelievable. –RH

What are your plans for December 21?

I am planning on flying to Berlin from Tokyo with my girlfriend to celebrate Christmas with my parents, so if the shit hits the fan, then I’ll be happy to be with my family and friends. -RH

Where are you going to be for New Year’s?

I always end up coming back to Europe. I’m booked for four parties, so I’ll be busy. -RH

Where are two of your favorite places to play in Europe?

Holland and Belgium, but Holland because it was my first “international” gig in Rotterdam under my label Plus-8 Records. People in Holland and Belgium have been long-time supporters of techno. I was just in Amsterdam last week, they love the scene, they love techno. I don’t mean house music, I’m talking hard-core techno freaks. RH

CNTRL: Beyond EDM will take place on Thursday, Nov. 15 at Masque, 34 N. Jefferson St. Doors at 10 p.m. Admission is TK for 21 & up. The CNTRL: The Curriculum lecture will take place the same day from 5-7 p.m. at the University of Dayton, 300 College Park. For more information, visit facebook.com/cntrlbeyondedm.

Reach DCP freelance writer Wu W.A.N.G. at WuW.A.N.G.@daytoncitypaper.com

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