Vibin’ with Vinyl

Vibin’ with Vinyl

Record Store Day 2012

By Kate Eviston

“I feel like a representative from some exotic jungle full of life and death and sex and anger, called upon to wear a leopard skin and translate joy to the world of the dead.” These are the words of musician and cultural icon, Iggy Pop, the official Ambassador for Record Store Day 2012.  It is a day of musical celebration, and it is almost upon us.

In the very early stages of the ‘90s, the music world began moving drastically away from vinyl records and into the world of digital media. With this boom, record sales declined for the next 8 to ten years, until 2008, when nearly 2.9 million records were shipped out. Nowadays, independent and alternative artists still use vinyl for distribution, while large labels tend to record music on compact discs only. This love for vinyl has transformed into a holiday celebrated by the music-loving masses.

Record Store Day, founded in 2007, began as a celebration of the symbolic culture of independently owned record stores, both nationally and internationally. It is a day where artists and owners come together to celebrate the creation of music. It is on Saturday, April 21 and special promotions, exclusively created vinyl and artist appearances and performances are just a few things that make Record Store Day so exciting and engaging.

Not just every music store meets the criteria, however. In order to qualify as an integral part of this special day, a record store must have a physical location where patrons can roam the aisles, meaning exclusively online retailers are not qualified. The store must also be independently owned, and must contain at least 50 percent music and must hold at least 70 percent ownership within its state of operation.

Here in Dayton, there are several participating record stores and local hotspots involved in the planning, and I had the opportunity to speak with David Obenour, Ghettoblaster editor & local coordinator for the event.  He expects the event to be absolutely exhilarating.  Toxic Beauty in Yellow Springs and Omega Music in the heart of the Oregon District will be participating, as well as Record Gallery and Feathers.

Omega, who would normally open their doors at 10a.m. will be opening shop at 9a.m., will provide gift bags for the early birds and will feature a full lineup of performing artists. I had the opportunity to talk with Omega’s brother and sister co-owners Alex and Katy along with co-worker Tomiwa and they are anticipating a heavy turnout. “It’s great because while we see many familiar faces, we also get to draw in a crowd that might not normally visit the Oregon District,” says Tomiwa. Although this event is created for record stores, other Fifth Street shops are coming together to support the event as well.

When you purchase a record, save your receipt and head down the street because Basho apparel, who will be custom screen printing Record Store Day t-shirts at Omega ($5 if you bring your own, $10 otherwise) is offering 10 percent off one item in the store. Same day only.

Thai 9, Blind Bob’s and the 5th Street Wine and Deli are local sponsors whose generosity has allowed Obenour and the guys at Ghettoblaster to rent out The Neon, where Empire Records will be showing for one night only. The show begins at 10:15p.m. and there will be a raffle for two tickets to the Nelsonville Music Festival.  Tickets are $6 ($4 with record store receipt) and all proceeds go to 2012 Dayton Music Fest.

While there are pages upon pages of artists who will be providing rare vinyl for the event, each store places a unique order. Consequently, not all stores will bring in every single release.  There is also a limited supply, so while a store may want to order multiple copies of a rare vinyl, they might be guaranteed just a single copy from distributors. The perk of being independent is that no man behind the closed door is telling anyone what to do, what promotion to feature or what vinyl to order. Here’s where you come in: if there’s a band or a musician’s record that you’re aching to own, it’s in your best interest to visit your local record store and inform them.  The founders of Record Store Day encourage you to become best friends with your local record store, as it is in their best interest to keep you interested. Records cannot be reserved or pre-ordered, so head down early to ensure you walk with the record you’d like. And once you do, enjoy the music.

(Record Store Day is on Saturday, April 24.  Events downtown begin at 9a.m. and run throughout the day.  Omega Music’s Record Store Day musical lineup includes the Buffalo Killers, Mitch Mitchell’s Terrifying Experience, Me & Mountains, Ruckus Roboticus, Astro Fang, Back Sabbath, Raging Nathans and M. Ross Perkins. For more information visit or stop in Omega on 5thStreet in the Oregon District.)

Reach DCP editorial intern and freelance writer Kate Eviston at

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