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Atlanta’s Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun at South Park

By Kyle Melton

In an era with countless bands vying for the attention of listeners through the near-infinite resources of conventional media, social networking sites and the likes of Spotify and iTunes, a handful of bands remain committed to the old-fashioned means of connecting with an audience: relentless touring. Hailing from Atlanta, indie/electro outfit Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun (TTMTTS) — consisting of Lauren Gibson (voice/guitar/keys), Cregg Gibson (guitar/voice/bass), Micah Silverman (bass/keys/voice) and Jeremy Cole (drums/electronics) — have spent the last three years playing to audiences all over the Eastern United States, growing their fanbase on the strength of their live show. With their latest release Wildfire, the band got picked up by the Greyday imprint, and now find themselves poised to break out to a wider audience throughout the country. We spoke with Cregg Gibson recently about the band’s undying belief in the power of touring, and about their latest release:

How did TTMTTS come together?  

Several years ago Lauren and Micah were both in a band called AvengeVegas and Cregg and Jeremy were in a band called Linger. Then after Lauren and Cregg married in 2005 we decided to join forces and bring our talents together, which became Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun.

We all met in Atlanta and it’s where we call home, but when you tour almost 200 dates a year it’s not hard to fall in love or connect with other cities. So, we basically call the East Coast home. [Cregg Gibson]

You put out your most recent album, Wildfire, independently last spring and then re-released it on Greyday Records. Why did Greyday decide to put the album out? 

Honestly, it was just perfect timing. Greyday really wanted to release a record around that time and none of their artists were ready to release anything. We had originally ordered about 1000 copies for our first run of Wildfire and sold about 700 in 3 months’ time. Our friends in I Was Totally Destroying had mentioned to Greyday that we were getting ready to reorder. Before we knew it the talks began and then a deal was made! [CG]

How did Wildfire come about? How long was the songwriting/recording process? Being on tour so much, what was the scheduling like for such a project? In terms of stylistic approach, what were your goals? 

We named the album Wildfire in honor of our fans! We’ve seen our fan base grow quickly over the last two years and it was a lot by word of mouth. It took us about five months from start to finish: writing/demoing/recording, then we sent them off to our friend Shawn Zuzek in New Mexico to mix and master each song. We took most of that time off from touring, though we still did some close-to-home shows. Our goal was to make the best record we could make to date, something that we could listen to ourselves and we knew our fans would never want to stop listening to. [CG]

Being based in Atlanta, how involved are you in the scene there? With much of your touring based in the eastern US, how easy do you feel it is to focus your touring in this region as opposed to trying to cover the expanse of the country? Why do you focus so much on touring consistently rather than recording and hitting select areas? 

This is the hard part about being in a full-time touring band: trying to go out when we’re in town. The few days we’re home we have to work, catch up on everyday routines, see family and loved ones, and sleep. But, we feel that we are connected in some ways. We have all played in Atlanta for a long time, previously in other bands, so when we’re home and out, bands welcome us and support what we do. We feel it’s important when touring that you should be able to revisit a market within two to three months to keep up momentum. When you do that, it builds a base for fans and money, which allows you to tour further. We tour consistently so no one forgets us. It’s easy to lose momentum, especially in an age where everyone bores easily. It keeps the buzz going. [CG]

What are the future plans for TTMTTS? What else should people know about TTMTTS?

We would love to make a new record, but for now our future plans are to tour the West Coast (we have tour support on the West Coast now, because our label is located in Portland, Ore.) two or three times before the end of the year, and maybe a tour in Europe as well. Look out for us — sooner or later we’ll be in your town or a town near you! [CG]

(Today the Moon Tommorrow The Sun will perform on Monday, May 7 at South Park Tavern, 1301 Wayne Ave. Also on the bill are Electric Banana and The Town Monster. Admission is $5 for all ages. Doors open at 9p.m. For more information, visit reverbnation.com/todaythemoontomorrowthesun.)

Reach DCP Music Editor Kyle Melton at MusicEditor@DaytonCityPaper.com and read his blog at thebuddhaden/net.

[Photo Credit: Terrence Rushin Photography]

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