What’s in a name?

What’s in a name?

Local musicians combine love of music and animals

by Kyle Melton

Jon Arnold's (from Eric Jerardi Band) dog Quincy, named after Quincy Jones.

Jon Arnold's (from Eric Jerardi Band) dog Quincy, named after Quincy Jones.

If imitation is indeed the sincerest form of flattery, it’s no wonder that so many music lovers name their beloved animals after some element of music. Whether it be naming your cat after a band, as in the case of the Motel Beds’ Darryl Robbins [a cat named Black Sabbath], a musician, or a song, an equal love of music and animals is apparent. In keeping on theme with DCP’s Pet Issue, here are a few local inspirations.

Adam Sabin [New Vega]
We have five dogs in the family. I have the mother Maggie and the daughter Prada. My friend Andrew Stroizer (aka MC Subtext, formerly of Oakland, Stone the Mayor Sheriffs and Sputnik Halo) has the dad, Spottieotiedopalicious DoggieMcBarkenstein and son Chewbacca, and our friend Brian Stone, of Grenades?!, has the third named Meatwad. Not all the dogs are named after musicians, but the parents are: Maggie from the famed Rod Stewart song and Spottie from the Outkast song. However, all of them are adorable and all the owners play in different local bands. My brother [Zach Sabin of New Vega] also has a dog named Luna, from the
Smashing Pumpkins song.

Jason Short [Suicide Hill]
There was my old buddy Ludwig, a Persian cat, named after the drum company. He was a rescue (as are all of our pets). Everybody loved that cat and the night before we put him down, I’ll never forget Louis Lerma [of Team Void] and Robb Young [Suicide Hill] crying their freaking eyes out while they sat in the room with him. Heavy stuff. He liked peeing on my drums, so that was sort of ironic, considering his name.

Brian Hoops [My Latex Brain/The Whathaveya]
Among my four cats, one is named Lemmy after Lemmy from Motorhead and another is named Queen Diamond, as my dumb way of making fun of King Diamond.

Jon Arnold [Eric Jerardi Band]
My dog’s name is Quincy. After the producer Quincy Jones. My ‘80s music love was mainly because of him.

JT Woodruff [Hawthorne Heights]
My cat’s name is Lionel Ritchie. He got his name by meowing ALL NIGHT LONG.  When we picked him up from the breeder, he was very quiet and shy. He hid under the couch until around 2 a.m. on his first night at my house, and at 2 a.m. he started singing ‘til the sun came up.  He literally meowed ALL NIGHT LONG. It was like having a newborn baby, but not nearly as cute. He is an Exotic Shorthair cat.  Most people think I’m making that breed up. But it’s totally real.  It looks like a Persian but with short hair [and an] extremely smashed face. Lionel Ritchie is a very early riser.  No matter what time of year it is, he wakes up when the sun comes up. As soon as he wakes up, he jumps on our bed and licks my wife’s face. After she pushes him away, he licks my face.  Once again, I know this sounds cute … but it’s not. He just wants to be fed at the crack of dawn. He’s a sweetheart by day … and selfish by night.

Ryan Roth
[Monkey With Bombs]
My cat, Nigel, named after the man who is at total fault for me chasing the dream of being a rock star. Nigel Godrich, producer of albums by Radiohead, Beck, Travis and Paul McCartney. I would have to say the best story about him would be the time he got me to quit smoking.  While living on Brown Street, one winter night when the windows were all closed in my small studio apartment I was smoking about two packs a day at that point.  I put out a cigarette and he chose that moment to get up from his perch on top of the fridge and came over to the ashtray.  He took a single sniff and proceeded to make the motion he does after pooping in his litter box and gave me a glance before heading right back to the fridge. He did that three more times that night and I got the hint.  I put the patch on and haven’t had a cigarette since.  Eight years and thousands of dollars saved thanks to the skillful powers of persuasion by Nigel.

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