Who doesn’t love fair food?

The ‘famous’ strawberry donuts. The ‘famous’ strawberry donuts.

The Troy Strawberry Festival serves up the best strawberry everything!

By Nicole Wroten

The ‘famous’ strawberry donuts.

Seriously, who doesn’t love fair food? Sure, festivals are great for bringing the family, fun activities, arts and crafts, etc., but what people really come for is the food. And nothing could be truer than people flocking to the Troy Strawberry Festival (June 4 and 5) along the Great Miami River levee for the finest strawberries in Ohio.

That’s right, strawberry season is almost upon us! Most American-grown strawberries are ready for picking April through July and that means plenty of delicious strawberry delicacies available at the festival.

Fulton Farms provides the festival will a lot of their locally grown strawberries, right in Troy from their farm not too far away from downtown. While they are most well-known for their strawberries, Fulton Farms also grows many other types of produce including asparagus, red and black raspberries, blackberries, cantaloupe, watermelon and even Christmas trees. But the strawberries are what keeps people coming back for more (the rumor from the organizers of the event, the Troy Chamber of Commerce, is that this year’s crop is one of the best they’ve had in years with all the rain the area has had).
So, there’s this abundance of fresh strawberries – what kind of amazing fair food is made from strawberries, you ask? Well, of course there’s the expected strawberry shortcake, strawberry ice cream, strawberry funnel cake and, not to be missed, chocolate dipped strawberries.

But then there’s unexpected (but delectable) strawberry salsa, deep-fried strawberries, strawberry barbecue sauce, strawberry sushi, strawberry pizza and even a strawberry burrito!

Typical fair food is also available such as pork chop sandwiches, roasted chicken, woodfire pizzas and lemonade (strawberry lemonade is also available).
The Troy Chamber of Commerce is on-hand to sell their famous barbecue chicken dinner, which includes half a barbecue chicken, chips, strawberry applesauce and a dinner roll for $7. They also offer a killer grilled chicken sandwich.

But by and large, the crowd favorite is without a doubt, the strawberry donuts, made by the Troy Music Boosters, for sale in the stadium. The Troy Music Boosters provides fundraising for each individual music program of Troy City Schools, including the Troy High School marching band, choir and orchestra.
The delicious strawberry flavored cake donuts covered in glaze have been a long-time favorite and definite standout from the festival’s 35-year history. They are so popular that sometimes the line wraps around the stadium and the wait can be as long as two hours. But the Troy Music Boosters have found a solution to their unwavering popularity. You can now pre-order the donuts beforehand and pick them up on Friday, June 3 before the start of the festival. To place an order, visit their website at www.troymusicboosters.com or call (937) 332-3992. Don’t stand in line to get your delicious strawberry donuts this year!

The Troy Music Boosters are just one great example of the non-profits turning out magnificent food to support their organization or cause. Thankfully, all you have to do to contribute to the local charities and not-for-profits is buy their strawberry treats.

“[The Strawberry Festival] is founded on the notion that we need to find ways to raise money for not-for-profits in the area,” said Heather Dorsten, the Troy Strawberry Festival general manager. “All the food is provided by the not-for-profits, and some commercial vendors team up with not-for-profits and donate their proceeds. A lot of them (not-for-profits) make the food, prepare it and serve it themselves.”

For example, a group of senior citizens do strawberry shortcakes and the First Lutheran Church offers homemade strawberry cupcakes. Yum!
Not only is it an excellent opportunity to be philanthropic, but a great excuse to shed that new diet plan and stuff your face on some cheat-day specials in the name of charity. Don’t forget to stop by the information station near the gazebo adjacent to the river levee to get your map to find out where all the goodies are hiding. Happy eating!

For more information on the Troy Strawberry Festival, and for a complete list of food vendors, visit www.gostrawberries.com.

Reach DCP Editor Nicole Wroten at Editor@daytoncitypaper.com.

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