Yellow Spring’s psychic tarot card reader Leah Gompf teaches us about her art

Photo: House of Ravenwood’s Miss Leah prepares for a reading

By Paula Johnson

My very first experience with a psychic, or fortune teller, as my former mother-in-law used to call them, came at a party she held at her house. This particular psychic read tea leaves. I sipped; she swirled, and then told me my future. And she was right, in spite of the fact that I knew what she was telling me couldn’t possibly happen. I objected strenuously, to the point of her admonishing, “Don’t argue with me – I’m just telling you what I see.” What she predicted indeed came to pass, exactly as she said it would. Years later I went with a friend to see a psychic, a lovely Italian lady named Dee. She kept asking me, “Who’s Ross?” I didn’t know anyone by that name. She was insistent, and said, “You will, and you’re going to spend a lot of time talking with him. A lot!” Years later, I became friends with the loquacious Ross, who became one of my closest and dearest friends. We shared endless hours talking and laughing at a local coffee house before he passed away.

I’ve long been fascinated with psychic ability. Why do some people have “the gift” while others do not? And what about inevitability and free will – do you have the power to change what’s been predicted? How do you know that a psychic is real? I decided to visit an area psychic for a reading and talk with her about her abilities, and to describe what it’s like to have a reading for those who might not have had the experience. I found Leah Gompf (or Miss Leah as she’s known) at House of Ravenwood Metaphysical Rock Shoppe and Psychic Tarot Card Readings in Yellow Springs. She’s the owner, who, along with a few others, does readings in the store’s private room. We met for a reading and discussion, and these are some of the highlights:

What is it exactly that you do in a reading?

I’m mainly a tarot card reader, but I also do some medium work, but only when the spirit side requests it. The best explanation I can give is that I do what everybody does to some degree or another which is connect to the collective unconsciousness – this means that by being one with the universe, I’m being one with you. I can know how you feel, I can know what you think, and I can know what kind of troubles you’re having. I get visual images like little movies which tell me about your past lives, and your future ones. I also see and read your chakras. She points to a vertical wall display of seven different color designs.

Can you explain, in a little more detail, about what chakras are?

They’re like energy centers. They draw energy centers from the basic “God stuff” of the universe. It’s like an outlet where you plug in. Each one has a physical and emotional component. For instance the third one down, the blue one, has to do with your throat. It’s about speaking your truth, being honest with yourself and others. And I can tell if someone is not on his or her true course because I will see not a true blue, but a yellowing or greenish. So if it’s yellow it means the person cares too much about what others think and they are jealous and unhappy. There’s also one that’s known as your third eye chakra, which encompasses your psychic abilities and the level of knowledge of who you are in this life and what your spiritual mission is.

At this point Miss Leah anointed my forehead with oil and proceeded to have me shuffle the deck of cards, asking me to concentrate on issues or questions. I made three piles and she placed them one on top of the other. Miss Leah doesn’t read tarot cards in any traditional way. She uses the cards almost as a jumping off point for her insights and observations. She began with a quick overview. We talked about health and self-improvement, my family, my professional and creative life, my husband’s health and job, and future travel plans. I was able to ask specific questions about different people and issues in my life. Several times she had me reshuffle the cards to address new topics. As we proceeded I asked her about herself.

When did you first know that you had abilities?

I gave my first tarot card reading in 1961. I was 11 years old. My mother taught me using playing cards. I was in my twenties before I knew there were such things as actual tarot cards. I started reading professionally in 1987. When I was nine I dreamed my grandmother died on her front steps. My parents called and she was fine. Three days later she died on her front steps.

When people come to see you what’s the most common thing they’re looking for?

Help with romance!

When you tell people something you see do they have the power to change it?

Everything’s changeable. Most everything, I should say. If we find out you have cancer that might have been changeable in the past. I try to tell the truth. I have to. Sometimes I have to say, “He’s not coming back, honey”.

Do you ever not tell someone what you see?

I do sometimes not say everything. There have been times I knew someone was not long for this world and I knew it wouldn’t benefit anyone by my sharing that.

You mentioned you are also a paramedic. It’s so interesting you have this connection to the body as well as the spirit and the psyche.

I’m what’s called medically intuitive. I didn’t even realize it for the longest time. I did my studies at The Church Of The Golden Key in Dayton with a group of metaphysicians who were giving classes and when we got to the auras class I flunked it. I could see under the bodies – like actually see lungs and kidneys and such – I couldn’t see auras for nothing! I was seeing what other people weren’t.

How do you respond to what I like to call the psychic paradox, the question everybody asks: “If you’re psychic why don’t you win the lottery?” 

If I was that kind of psychic, you’re right. I wouldn’t be sitting here giving you reading. I think it’s almost like God protecting me. Winning the lottery ruins people’s lives and just might ruin mine. It would take me away from what I’m doing here. What would be the reason for me to have these abilities if not to help other people with them?

I came away from my experience with Miss Leah at House of Ravenwood feeling like she described a lot of people and situations in my life with uncanny accuracy, and she gave me a lot to think about. She predicted events and outcomes, which she assures me will unfold in the coming twelve months, and I am really hoping she’s right. Her advice to me for now is to relax and appreciate life and have gratitude for what I have. And if nothing else, that’s a message we all can use.


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