Working Pets

M y stepbrother Baloo has held the annual Pet Issue baton for too long. So now it’s my turn. Though he’s not yet retired, he sleeps a lot more than I do! And that’s the point. Who gets to sleep at work? We do!

For some stupid reason I have yet to understand, our human makes Baloo and me ride to and from work with him at the Dayton City Paper every day. “Is this really a thing?” I thought. Do other cats (and stupid dogs) have humans that make them go to work, too? Humans really don’t make sense most of the time (but they are, sometimes, fun to play with).

So, and just to be sure, I instructed the City Paper humans to ask other humans to send photos of pets whose humans make them go to work, too. And I was disgusted by the results. Now I’m convinced humans are simply nothing more than big dumb animals. They bring us to work just to have us around? This makes no sense at all.

What is most confusing is how these “working pets” appear to enjoy what they do. Or maybe that’s their game? In my case, I ignore the City Paper humans most of the time and sleep (unless I’m hungry or I want to attack the spot on the wall that looks like a cockroach). Here now are this year’s working pets! Enjoy.

—Saki T. Cat

Aida, TED Talk extraordinaire photo: Amy Alkon, DCP Advice Goddess

 Dakota, Brock Frieszell Liberty Gardens photo: Brock Frieszell

Photo: Zorro

(l-r) Nellie and Thelonious, Black Pug Bike Repair photo: Christopher Worrell

Wright State student service dog trainees; photo: Marc Katz

Lesley Neufeld and Riley, Paws to Read tutor photo: Margaret Fogarty

 Cher, the axolotl; photo: Amanda Dee, editor-in-chief

Jett; photo: Amanda Dee, editor-in-chief

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Ashley K Collins

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